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At Technorol, printing press rollers covering is our purpose. We cover your rollers according to your requirements with premium products at a very competitive price. We know how important a printing roller is crucial in the creation of quality material and that is why we have the best products and tools on the market.

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Printing Rollers That Will Exceed Your Expectations and Those of Your Clients

We use rubber that is made specifically for graphic arts that is able to keep its duro on a long period of constant usage.

The covering of a rubber roller requires a lot of thoroughness. This is why we use tools at the cutting edge of technology to make sure to get the highest level of precision possible which allows us to follow your rollers’ diameter standards. We also cover any industrial press roller with the same focus on quality and precision since our covering service isn’t exclusive to the printing industry.

For more information on our covering services for any kind of press roller, contact one of our representatives now!