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The Best Equipment for High Quality Offset Printing

The accuracy of an offset printing is tributary of the quality of the printing blankets installed on the press where the impression is made. Technorol understands this and that is why we offer you the best printing blankets there is. We are constantly looking for new products to meet your needs. This is why the equipment we offer is always on the cutting edge of what is made today. 

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A Wide Selection of Printing Blankets for all Your Needs

Offset printing has no secrets for us. This has allowed us to build an imposing catalog of products to fill all your offset printing needs. Whether you use rotary or high speed sheet presses, UV application, cardboard presses or business forms, our vast inventory of printing blankets allow us to offer you the best product according to your specific needs. We will build it according to your requirements : with or without a bar, with or without holes, « slotted », etc.

Our main offset printing equipment suppliers are :

  • D.Y.C. (Kinyo) : Sx10, K110, Air Tack F, Air Tack B, Platinum (we are the only authorized dealers of this brand in Quebec)
  • Explan: Rubis, Blue Dot
  • Savatech: Superstrip
  • Inni : Lotus
Technorol | Impression offset

For more information on our huge selection of offset printing equipment, contact us now to speak to one of our representatives always ready to help you.